Temporary import&re-export bonded warehouse

Temporary import&re-export bonded warehouse, Refrigerated shipping of some issues that need attention include:

Temporary import&re-export bonded warehouse,  Preliminary winter houses in specialized growing areas: Transportation of refrigerated cargoes. It is necessary to build a pre-processing area with cold storage to keep the value of the product right from the beginning in the specialized cultivation areas. At present, there are mainly vegetable processing enterprises in Da Lat. The fruit basket area such as Mekong Delta, Central Highlands, North West … not popular this model. Temporary import&re-export bonded warehouse

Temporary import&re-export bonded warehouse

  1. Cold Transport: Cold transport currently mainly serves the seafood industry, most fruits are transported by truck. With fruits, the most popular way to do this is to drive at night to reduce the damage rate. However, in the long run, the cold transport is necessary to ensure the value of the goods.
  2. Ensure microbiological standards: The most popular method now is to irradiate microorganisms before export. Currently in the South of Vietnam only An Phu, Thai Son and Son Son irradiation plants with a total capacity of 100-120 thousand tons per year will not have enough capacity to meet the demand for fruit exports. This is the bottleneck that needs to be removed, or other microbiological measures must be taken, or the capacity of the irradiator should be increased. Temporary import&re-export bonded warehouse
  3. Cold storage: Most cold storage is concentrated around the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City – Binh Duong – Dong Nai, very little cold storage in the South West region, north. Most of the cold storage is near capacity and mainly serves seafood, frozen meat due to high value. An important feature is that the seasonality of fruit will require large quantities of storage at certain times, so it is necessary to combine the seasonal properties of fruits and seafood to exploit the area of ​​cold storage .  Temporary import&re-export bonded warehouse
  4. Traceability: This trend is almost mandatory to meet the requirements of high-end markets such as the US, Japan, EU. Although traceability originates primarily from processing enterprises, logistic enterprises also need to ensure that information systems are in place for the proper management of goods, transportation and delivery.

Temporary import&re-export bonded warehouse

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Vinalines Logistics is one of the strong logistics enterprises with the temporary import and re-export service, bonded warehouse, with the average output of 500teus / month. Vinalines Logistics has always been one of the leading companies in the field of Vinalines Logistics, which is certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to certify temporary import for re-export frozen foodstuffs. Vinalines Logistics is always present, exploiting transshipment at most international border gate in such areas as:

+ Transportation of cold cargo from Hai Phong port – Huu Nghi and Tan Thanh border gates

+ Transportation of cold cargo from Hai Phong port – Bac Phong Sinh border gate, Mong Cai

+ Transportation of cold cargo from Hai Phong port – Kim Thanh border gate, Khau Mausoleum.

+ Transportation of cold cargo from Hai Phong port – Ta lung border gate .. and other northern border gates

+ Transportation from Noi Bai International Airport to the border gate:

If you need to transport refrigerated goods, fruits and vegetables with domestic special containers or need to transfer refrigerated from the port to the border, from Noi Bai airport to the provinces, please contact us for a quote. the best refrigeration service, the most professional and best shipping service in Vietnam market.


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