Packing of Yellow Phosphorus ( DG cargoes)

Packing of Yellow Phosphorus (DG cargoes)

Phosphorus exists in three basic forms: white (yellow), red, and black. Other forms of apology may also exist. The most common are Yellow Phosphorus and Red Phosphorus, both of which contain groups of tetrahedron-containing four phosphorus atoms. Packing of Yellow Phosphorus ( DG cargoes)

Packing of Yellow Phosphorus ( DG cargoes)

  1. Application: Concentrated phosphoric acid, which can contain up to 70% – 75% P2O5, is very important for agriculture as it is used for fertilizer production. Global demand for fertilizers led to significant growth in phosphate production (PO43-) in the second half of the 20th century. Other uses include: Phosphates are used in the manufacture of special types of glass used in various types of sodium. Bone gels, calcium phosphate, used in porcelain Sodium tripolyphosphate is produced from the phthalic acid used in detergents in some countries, but is banned in some other countries. Packing of Yellow Phosphorus ( DG cargoes)

Phosphoric acid is produced from elemental phosphorus used in applications such as soda beverages. This acid is also the starting point for making food grade phosphates. These chemicals include monosodium phosphate used in baking powders and sodium tripolyphosphate and other phosphates of sodium. Among other uses, these chemicals are used to improve the characteristics of processed meats or cheeses. People use it in toothpaste. Phosphate trinitrate is used in cleaning agents to soften water and to corrode the pipes / boilers. Phosphorus is widely used for the production of organic compounds containing phosphorus, through intermediates such as phosphorus chloride and phosphorus sulfide. These substances have many uses, including plasticizers, fire retardants, pesticides, extracts and water treatment agents. Packing of Yellow Phosphorus ( DG cargoes)

This element is also important in the manufacture of steel, in the production of phosphorus brass and in many other related products. White phosphorus is used in military applications such as fire bombs, creating smokestacks such as in flames and smoke bombs, and in fire missiles. Red phosphorus is used to produce match shells, pyrotechnics and especially meetamphetamine (C10H15N). In small quantities, phosphorus is used as an additive for n-type semiconductors. Phosphorus P32 and P33 phosphorus are used as radioactive tracers in biochemical laboratories.

  1. Prevention: This is a 50 mg toxicity that is a lethal medium dose (white phosphorus is generally considered to be a toxic form of phosphorus while phosphate and orthophosphate are essential nutrients). The white phosphorus deposit should be stored in a submerged state because it has a very high chemical activity with oxygen in the atmosphere and causes fire hazard and manipulation with it should be done with a dedicated clamp due to exposure. Direct contact with the skin can cause severe burns. Packing of Yellow Phosphorus ( DG cargoes)
  2. 3. Packing of phosphorus: Since this is classified as dangerous goods (DG), the process of packing and transporting yellow phosphorus should be strictly implemented in accordance with the regulations of packing. Goods, transportation of goods according to international standards. Packing of Yellow Phosphorus ( DG cargoes) Packing of Yellow Phosphorus ( DG cargoes)


Exported yellow phosphorus 96 bars to Europe lined up through the Shipping line

Exported yellow phosphorus packs 84 drums to Japan line up through the Shipping line

Exported yellow phosphorus 80 rods to Europe lined up through the Shipping line

=> The method of packing export to each country according to different standards => The Packing of Yellow Phosphorus ( DG cargoes) method is different according to the shipping regulations of each Shipping Line …. And there are a lot of other strict regulations, Packing of Yellow Phosphorus ( DG cargoes)

here are some pictures Vinalines Logistics P4 export. This is one of our shipping strengths.

Packing of Yellow Phosphorus ( DG cargoes)

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